Tiles have been painted from ancient times. Painted, then fired, which gave them a permanent finish, but limited the detail that could withstand the firing. These days, with new paints and substrates that can adhere to glossy surfaces, we can paint the fired tiles themselves, and get fine detailing similar to a canvas painting. Add several coats of a final sealant, and the paint is pretty well protected, for indoor decorative use. No, these won't be around for a thousand+ years, like the tiles of Rome, but they can certainly be enjoyed for many years! 

I paint, display, sell, and gift tiles. I have painted portraits of people, pets, and homes on them. I have illustrated stories with them, too! I love teaching others how to paint on them, and seeing the smiles and satisfaction the process brings about. I love how these tiny paintings can fill small spaces with unexpected color and style. It is amazing how creatively people have displayed and used them in their homes!

Tiles I have painted have been purchased with words and messages on them, to honor Scripture or poetry, and to celebrate weddings, babies' births, 25th anniversaries, and new homes. They have been the table centerpieces at wedding receptions, which have been brought out each year to commemorate the event. They are decorations for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. They have marked both the seasons of the year, and the seasons of people's lives. 

They start out as simple square tiles, but as little St. Jude Square Artworks--they continue to give me and other people joy, year after year.