I can hardly wait to begin painting from some rough sketches I made on my recent trip to Ireland! The skies are wide and moody, and the grass is such a vivid yellow-green when the sun comes out! The horses, cows, sheep and donkeys enjoy their pastures with plenty of leisure and room to eat their fill, and stand out in the mists and rain unfazed. 

From the rugged isle of Inishbofin to the gentle grazing lands of County Galway; from the ancient stone walls through which the sky peeks at sunset to the lively and music-filled pub scenes in Dublin, the beauty of Ireland has inspired me to paint!  

A family joy concluded our two week trip to Ireland when my beloved daughter accepted the marriage proposal of her dear Irish beau. We will be having a wedding in Ireland in 2019! My imagination has been kindled by the simple but gorgeous scenery, and my heart is very full... Ireland paintings will be coming soon!