My painting (and maybe all art) is a blend of the elements of picture and story; a specific manipulation of  visual cues to communicate  ideas and feelings. 

Other arts also involve story and use their own devices. My 7 year old granddaughter, a wise little girl--loves music. She told me yesterday that writing a song was easy. "You get to make something that you like! You just think of the other music you've heard that you like, and you blend it together, and you think of some rhymes, and you can make a new song!"

I love her simplicity and fearlessness.  I don't think it is good practice to make things more complicated than they need to be. I don't hear music in the rich way she does, but I do see the world around me in vivid patterns. Color causes me to feel things, and story comes easily to me. 

Painting and drawing are my rough attempts to encapsulate and form new memories. I want my art to involve the celebration and retrieval of memory, and I use layers of memory--as one of my tools, augmented by present references. 

I think my art style probably seems nostalgic, for that reason, but it can just as easily point forwards as backwards, and in truth, timelessness would be nice... 

"What's past is prologue" as Shakespeare said, and now this writing moment is past. On with today's painting!